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As a Web and Graphic Designer at Stockgroup Media Inc., my major responsibilities were to design websites, to build, reconstruct sections and maintain websites, to design banner and button ads, to communicate with clients directly either by email or by phone.

stockgroup's annual report
I also had the opportunity to work closely with our Lead Designer for designing logos, annual reports, magazine and newspaper ads, brochures and pamphlets, corporate identity manual and other print materials.

Among other responsibilities, I had to monitor the press releases issued by the public companies -clients of Stockgroup Media Inc. - and to post them on their websites, as well as providing updates like posting their quarterly and annual reports, building flash intros or changing graphics accordingly to their updated information. In total, the list contains more than 80 public companies for which I provided maintanence. I also built jump pages to support the client's banner advertising displayed on smallcapcenter and StockHouse.

One of my major responsibility was to implement Stockgroup's proprietory Investor Relation tool - IntegratIR to the client's website. The IntegratIR is specifically designed to enhance and simplify client's online IR (Investor Relations) content management. It gives users the ability to update the IR portion of their website at any time, from anywhere, while maintaining strict security standards. It helps users adhere with Regulatory Federal guidelines and Securities Commission Recommendations regarding conference calls and by automating functions such as the posting of filings and press releases seamlessly to their IR site.

3 pro design
In order to view my School Portfolio and my other individual projects, please visit my flash website by clicking on the image to the right. You will be able to see my Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress skills in the Print Portfolio section, and my Flash skills in the individual projects section of the Web Portfolio. Please note that this website is meant to be an archive of everything I created before I was hired full-time at Stockgroup, so it is not updated as far as contact, resume or references information.