Reference II want to confirm that Dragos Vuia was employed by Stockgroup Media Inc. as a Graphic Designer.

Dragos proved to be a dedicated employee with a good work ethic. He was able to accomplish a wide variety of tasks and assignments in an efficient manner. We were particularly taken by his creative abilities.

Should you require additional information I will be happy to discuss the situation with you in person.

Leslie Landes
Stockgroup Information Systems Inc.
604.331.0995 ext 121

Reference II Dragos Vuia has been a key member of my Information Technology Team from November 2001 until September 2002 as a Web & Graphic Designer and our in-house Illustrator.

Dragos joined my team as a practicum student doing a work term in graphics design. He was so impressive as a student, we offered him a full time position upon completion of his practicum term. Dragos was responsible for designing banner advertisements for internal advertising campaigns as well as client’s campaigns. Dragos’s illustration skills were invaluable to our team.

During his time at Stockgroup, Dragos handled website design and implementation for,,,, Stockgroup’s corporate website,,,,,, and

Dragos is a hard working and dedicated employee. He works well in a team environment as well as on his own.

Derek Whyte
Director of Technology
Stockgroup Information Systems Inc.
604.331.0995 ext 107

Reference III Dragos Vuia has been a valuable member of Stockgroup's Information Technology Team from November 2001 until September 2002 as a Web/Print Designer and Illustration Artist.

Dragos is a very hard working and creative designer; a good team player and a passionate person. He has a good understanding of graphic design, typography and excellent illustration skills.

His passion with art, design and online space helps his creation on banner advertising, as well as web site design projects. His solid HTML coding skills makes him a strong developer always cognizant of cross-browser compatibility.

With his keen and quick learning abilities, Dragos quickly made himself a print designer during his time at Stockgroup. He was involved in many of the companies product brochures, magazine ads and annual reports.

Sherly Ho
Creative and Art Director
Sherly Ho Design and Associates
Reference IV Dragos Vuia developed during the first 4 months of 2004. His artistic vision and organized approach made the process very exciting and quick.

Along with the easily navigated front end, Dragos developed a backend to our site that is very user friendly and gives us the control to alter the site as we see fit.

Dragos worked with us on the project, his communication skills were excellent and his ability to work off of our ideas and present us with new ones was great. It was a pleasure working with Dragos.

Linda Wenzel
Operations Manager
Able Auctions

Reference V It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Dragos, who was working as Web Designer for Mark Anthony Group for the past few months, under my direct supervision.

While at Mark Anthony Group, Dragos worked in the IT department and was involved in projects like “US Sales Intranet”, “Mark Anthony Brands” and a multitude of other small tasks. He showed an impressive creativity and a great capability to high quality in very short time and often under pressure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any more questions that you may have.

Mihai Strusievici
Manager Systems Development
Mark Anthony Group

Reference VI Dragos Vuia joined Stockgroup from November 2001 to September 2002. He joined us as a practicum student doing a work term in graphics design. We were so impressed with his work, we offered him a full time position as a Web & Graphic Designer and in- house Illustrator upon completion of his practicum.

Dragos was responsible for a lot of clients’ website projects and was required to work very closely with our lead designer. He participated in many large scale projects and had gained knowledge in many areas including the print media. He was also required to work directly with our clients to create their online ad campaigns.

In addition to a high energy level, he demonstrated an excellent level of commitment, a willingness to learn and to accept responsibility, and the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively with others.

It has been a pleasure working with Dragos and I highly recommend Dragos to you without reservation. I believe your company will benefit from any association that will allow him to demonstrate his intelligence, cooperation, and self-confidence. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Karen Ng
Project Manager
Stockgroup Information Systems Inc.
604.331.0995 ext 103
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